Cabinet Storage Solutions - Form Fits Function

By David Short

If your refacing your cabinets, you'll spend a lot of time deciding on the cabinet door styles, but don't forget about the inside of the cabinets.  Storage solutions, such as pull out trays, garbage/recycling pullouts, new soft close drawers, pantry storage, can make your kitchen feel even more custom.

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Any kitchen with a little age has a drawer or two that don't function as well as they use to.  It's a great idea to replace those most used drawers, like the silverware drawer, with a new dovetail box and soft close under-mount glides.  Or the cabinet where all the pots and pans fall out when opened.  Pull out trays are a simple way to organize so you don't have to take everything out to get to the big pot on the bottom.  No that most of recycle, having two places for disposables is inconvenient.  Turn a cabinet into a double can pull out to keep them out of site and easy to get to when needed.

There are many other options to organize a pantry, spice drawer or corner cabinet in your existing cabinets.  Watch the video to see a few examples.

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