Top 5 Ways to Get a Showcase Kitchen with Cabinet Refacing

By David Short
Cabinet Refacing is by far one of the most cost effective ways you can improve your Kitchen and add Value to your home.  If your not familiar with Refacing, it is the process of replacing cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hardware, and adding new veneers on the frames and end panels of the cabinets.

The obvious benefits over a new cabinet installation are in the savings.  You save money by not paying for the tear out and replacement of the whole cabinets; you save time by getting the installation done in days, not weeks (plus your kitchen is functional during installation); and you save the environment by keeping old cabinets out of landfills.

However, the Savings Benefits are just the beginning.  With Refacing you can often times have the Showcase Features in your kitchen only available in high end Custom Cabinet lines.

5 Showcase Kitchen Ideas You Can Achieve with Cabinet Refacing:


  1. Creative and Unique Design Options:  The main design feature in any kitchen are the cabinet doors.  In most affordable kitchen cabinet lines you are limited to a narrow set of styles.  In Refacing you can be creative and unique with dozens of door styles and finish options.  Find a style you like in a magazine or on-line, we can find the door style to match at a cost far less than the custom cabinets featured in magazine photo shoots.
  2. Custom Design Features:  While your checking out those custom cabinet photo shoots, you'll probably notice the other style elements that set them above your builder grade cabinets; such as crown or under cabinet molding, paneled wainscoting on islands and peninsulas, decorative panels on the ends of cabinets, corbels, valances and decorative legs.  All of these features can be affordably added to your kitchen with Refacing.
  3. Behind the Scenes Luxury:  Sometimes the feel of quality comes from the function of the cabinets and what is going on inside.  When replacing doors we always us high quality Soft Close hinges.  You can also replace all or some of your cabinet drawers with dovetail drawer boxes with hidden under-mount soft close glides to achieve that high end cabinet feel.
  4. Upgraded Cabinet Storage:  Cabinets can be retrofitted with all manner of storage options that you may have thought only available upgrades in new cabinets.  Pots and pan pull out trays, garbage/recycling can pull outs, spice racks, and pantry organization are just a few of the options you can have added to your cabinets.
  5. Add a Cabinet or Minor Layout Changes:  While refacing is the process of retrofitting your existing cabinets, there are often areas of a kitchen layout out that can use a new cabinet, island, or re-design.  Many kitchens were designed with built-in desks that homeowners no longer find useful.  We are able to provide cabinets that match the refacing stock for these areas to allow for a seamless design change that can have a dramatic impact with little disruption at installation.

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