Kitchens Sell!!! How Cabinet Refacing Ads Value

By David Short

Getting ready to sell or buy a home? Don't let a dated kitchen bring you down.

The top mantra in real estate is "Location, Location, Location." Shortly behind that is "Kitchens Sell." Kitchens are the most focal point in a home, and as such, buyers put a large emphasis on an updated kitchen. They play a huge roll in the value of any home.

But kitchen remodels are also the most expensive update in a home. They also cause the most upheaval in the house when you are out of a kitchen for weeks when it's been torn out and replaced. Not an expense or experience you want to go through when your moving out soon, or when you still unpacking.


Why Kitchen ReFacing__HD

There is another way - Cabinet Refacing or Cabinet Painting. You can drastically update your kitchen in less than a week without a huge mess or budget.

Advantages to Sellers:

  • If you think your going to sell within a few months, Cabinet Painting may be a great way to freshen up the kitchen and add a little value while getting a quicker sale.
  • Maybe you know you'll sell in 3-5 years, that's a great time to look at Cabinet Refacing. Get a new kitchen to enjoy yourself, add value, and be ready to list when it's time to move.
  • In either case, consider adding crown molding or other trim options that will make the existing cabinets look far more expensive than the standard builder's grade.

Advantages to Buyers:

  • Don't limit yourself to the top of the market! Love everything about the home but the dated kitchen? Educate yourself on Cabinet Refacing prior to home shopping. Get your ideal home with the dated kitchen under market value, knowing you can reface to bring that value up without the hassle of a tear out.
  • Our largest customer base have been people updated a new home because the kitchen needed updated, but after buying the expense of a full remodel was out of the question.

Real Estate Agents:

  • Put another arrow in your quiver when helping your clients. Knowing the costs and options of Cabinet Refacing and Painting will help your clients. Show clients the price difference of an updated home vs. theirs, and how a reface may get them more money.
  • Send us your listing photos of the cabinet and we can give you on-line price ranges for that kitchen. Share that with your sellers or potential buyers to ad value to your service and open opportunities to them.

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