3 Ways to Make Your Cabinets Reach New Heights (Video)

By Stephanie Short

You may have a showcase kitchen hidden right in front of you. 

In this video you will see how we take boring white, thermofoil cabinets and turn them into a showcase by adding:

  1. Stacked Crown Molding.
  2. Cabinets Over Wet Bar and Reconfigured Desk Area (Beverage Cooler to be added)
  3. Glass Doors
Reaching New Heights_HD

What makes these changes so dramatic?

The original kitchen was a white builder grade with standard 30" wall cabinets.  It made it light and bright, but didn't use the space well considering the ceiling is vaulted with a sky-light.  The wall area above the cabinets makes the cabinets look out of proportion, but by adding a stacked crown molding, the cabinets look taller and more importantly add drama and visual interest that the space needed.

Adding cabinets or re-configuring cabinets is another way to change the visual interest and update a kitchens function to modern amenities.  In the days of desktop computers and land-line phones, built-in desk tops in the kitchen were a popular feature.  Now that technology has changed, these areas spell out "dated."  A common re-purposing is to add a small beverage/wine cooler below the desk.  In the video, the counter-top was raised (some details were yet to be installed) to allow for a tall cooler fridge.  In addition, cabinets above and glass doors were added with crown molding to create a built-it in furniture look.  Also, the plain wet bar in the family room was updated in a similar manner.

Finally, a few cabinets were re-fitted with glass doors to add even more of a showcase kitchen feel.  The contrasting white interior made for a great place to store and display the owners glassware.

As a bonus, notice also that the end panels of the cabinets are fitted with custom, matching end panels to round out that custom cabinet look.

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